Frenchman Coulee Falls

RATING - 24.0

VR - 2.0 (Small)          HR - 6.0            SR - 12/20



LOCATION - Vantage Area

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 200'

WIDTH - 5'

DIRECTIONS - This is located just east of Vantage and the huge bridge over the Columbia.  Take the Sillica Road Exit and head north for about a mile.  Turn left onto Vantage St SW.  You'll start to see the falls in about a mile across the canyon and good views are had for the next mile or so of the road.

This is not exactly an amazing waterfall, but the coulee that it drops into is beautiful.  A small stream drops about 200' down the opposite side of the canyon and into the valley below.  Good views can be had from the road and I saw lots of 4WD tracks at the bottom of the valley, so it should be possible to drive right up to the bottom if you want to.  

If you're heading across the state, this is a nice 5 minute detour from the freeway and a nice place to stop.  Be sure to continue another minute or so up the roads to "The Feathers" where you can probably see some rock climbers.