Chronograph Falls

RATING - 48.0

VR - 4.0 (M/S) HR - 9.0 SR - 12/20



LOCATION - Lake Ann Trail

TYPE - Segmented

HEIGHT - 600'

WIDTH - 100'

DIRECTIONS - From Austin Pass near the end of Hwy 542, like to Lake Ann, about 4 miles each way. This waterfall can be seen dropping into the Shuksan Creek Valley across from the lake.

The views from Lake Ann are pretty breathtaking. The massive rock faces of Mt. Shuksan seem to surround you on all sides and it's easy to be completely overwhelmed with the size of the peak. For those who look closely, there are several nice waterfalls in the area as well. Chronograph Falls consists of two very tall waterfalls that drop into the valley from an area of Mt. Shuksan called "The Hourglass". Before visiting the area, I assumed these waterfalls would be far away and fairly small. I was shocked at how impressive the waterfalls are, dropping hundreds of feet and clearly visible from anywhere near the lake. The waterfall consists of two separate streams. The northern stream plunges around 200' and then continues to cascade for several hundred more feet. The southern stream begins as two cascading streams that combine in a twisting 200' plunge.

There is a chance that this waterfall is what was once named Curtis Falls, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. If it is confirmed I will change the name, but for now we'll leave it as Chronograph Falls.