Middle Cascade Creek Falls

RATING - 40.0

VR - 4.0 (Med) HR - 5.0 SR - 20/20


DIFFICULTY - Extremely Difficult

LOCATION - Deadhorse Creek Road

TYPE - Fan

HEIGHT - 85'

WIDTH - 15'

DIRECTIONS - No directions provided. Dangerous approach.

Cascade Creek drains a decent sized area on the northern slopes of Mt. Baker. About a mile upstream from Deadhorse Creek Road, the creek runs through a deep, narrow canyon, dropping over what is essentially one long series of waterfalls totaling over 600' in height. Many of the drops along the way are almost impossible to see because of the narrow, twisted canyon. I have elected to single out three specific drops as individual waterfalls along the way because they are taller and more prominent than the rest of the small drops.

Upper Cascade Creek Falls is the best drop on the creek and one of the prettiest waterfalls I've ever seen. The waterfall veils out over a moss-covered cliff, dropping 51' in an absolutely perfect fan-shape. Facing the waterfall is a large mossy promontory that provides a perfect (although fairly wet) viewing platform for the waterfall. Below the fan the creek drops down a narrow, log-choked crevice in a 34' tall lower tier. While difficult to get to, this waterfall is a photographer's dream.