Bald Mountain Falls

RATING - 63.2

VR - 5.4 (Med) HR - 8.0 SR - 20/20


DIFFICULTY - Difficult

LOCATION - Canyon Creek Road

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 413'

WIDTH - 15'

GPS - N48 57.566 W121 55.717


DIRECTIONS - Take the Mt Baker Highway east of Bellingham and turn onto Canyon Creek Road just after the town of Glacier. Continue on this road for around 5.5 miles. After the road crosses over Canyon Creek, stop and park at the first major creek on the left. Start out heading into the woods to the right of the creek to avoid a big logjam, then head upstream however you can. You'll have to climb over the lower falls to see the two main falls.

Bald Mountain Falls is one of my favorite waterfalls (as evidenced by the four million pictures on this page). It is really three waterfalls in one. To reach the falls, you have to make your way up the unnamed creek for around 1/4 of a mile. At that point you will see the 49' tall lower falls and may get a glimpse of the right hand upper segment. It is necessary to climb over the lower falls to get to the main falls. This can be done using a rope and going up the left side of the falls or going through the woods to the left and dropping back down. Once above the lower falls, the two upper falls are another 200' or so further upstream.

The lower tier consists of the 25' tall fan shaped drop and 24' worth of additional cascades. The right hand segment of the main falls is 183' tall and consists of three tiers of 112', 40', and 31' in height. The left hand segment contains four tiers and measures a total of 364' in height. This segment is really difficult to appreciate because the viewing area is so close to the base and the waterfall is so tall. A super wide angle lens will come in really handy for this one. The sight of seeing two side-by-side 200'+ waterfalls right next to each other is something I'll never forget. If it is at all possible for you to do so, visit Bald Mountain Falls.

Above Left - Left segment of Bald Mountain Falls

Above Center - Right segment

Above Right - Close look at part of the left side

Left - Aaron and the 3rd tier of the left side

Right - A closer look at the 2nd tier

Below Left - A super wide angle look at both segments

Below Right - The lower falls in autumn