Boyd Creek Falls

RATING - 12.0

VR - 2.0 (Sm) HR - 4.0 SR - 4/20



LOCATION - South Skagit Highway

TYPE - Cascades

HEIGHT - 55'

WIDTH - 20'

DIRECTIONS - Take Highway 20 east to Concrete and turn right onto Concrete-Sauk Road. Turn right onto South Skagit Highway just after crossing the Skagit River and follow the road for a few miles to a gated logging road a short distance after crossing Mill Creek. Follow the road for just over 2 miles and take a right/straight off the main road. Boyd Creek is found about 1/4 of a mile down this spur road. You may see and hear Lower Boyd Creek Falls from the road, but avoid climbing down to view it. It's not worth the trouble.

We're not quite sure what it is about creeks name after people named Boyd, but thus far every waterfall we have found on these creeks is pretty ugly. This Boyd Creek is located along the South Skagit Highway. The falls begin with about 25' of cascades just upstream from the bridge over the creek. Below the bridge the creek drops over the main section, a segmented 20' tall drop. The falls finish with a little 10' plunge. The entire area is covered with a mess of lumber that has somehow found its way into the creek that generally uglifies everything. This waterfall is not really worth the trouble of visiting, but if you're looking for a winter hike or trying to find the waterfalls on Mill Creek, it might be worth the effort. The easiest view can be had by crossing the bridge and looking down on the falls from about 100' west of the bridge. If you really want to climb to the bottom it can be done but we wouldn't recommend it. Just before the creek is a small, seasonal waterfall that is too small to find a page on the website, but adds a little bonus.