Spokane Falls

RATING - 46.0

VR - 10.0 (Huge) HR - 4.0 SR - 6/20

TYPE OF APPROACH - Roadside or Gondola!


LOCATION - Riverfront Park, Spokane

TYPE - Cascades

HEIGHT - 90'

WIDTH - 40'

DIRECTIONS - Take Exit 280 off of I-90 in Spokane. Follow 4th Ave/Lincoln St. North into the city. Turn left onto Main Street and then you are basically there. You will probably have to drive over the bridge to find a parking space.

The Spokane River has a series of cascades right in the middle of the city of Spokane in Riverfront Park. The total drop of the river through this area is supposed to be about 140' with 90' or so being Spokane Falls itself. The coolest view of the falls is from the Gondola Ride over the river. I visited the falls almost 20 years ago on our way to Silverwood Theme Park before I was even into waterfalls but still enjoyed it. The park and falls are a great place to spend a day and then have dinner at one of the great local restaurants. If you do visit the falls, be sure to ride the historic Loopf Carousel.