L Falls

RATING - 22.0

VR - 8.0 (Big) HR - 1.0 SR - 14/20



LOCATION - Stevens Pass Area

TYPE - Block

HEIGHT - 20'

WIDTH - 25'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east from Everett on Highway 2. Drive past Skykomish for about 10 miles and turn left into the Deception Falls Picnic Area. Follow the loop trail around for half a mile passing L Falls and Monkey Cage Falls along the way. A short side trail runs to Deception Falls itself.

The Tye River drops over a 14' falls into a very narrow crack and immediately hangs a 90 degree turn to the right where it drops another 6'. Not the biggest waterfall in the world but it's very interesting none-the-less. Combined with the other 3 falls along the short trail, this is an excellent rest stop while heading over the pass.