Big Heart Falls

RATING - 80.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 11.0 SR - 14/20


DIFFICULTY - Very Difficult

LOCATION - Foss River Area

TYPE - Segmented Cascades

HEIGHT - 1260'

WIDTH - 150'

GPS - N47 35' 18.32" W121 18' 41.11"


DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Angeline Falls. Continue along the trail around Delta Lake. About halfway around you will start to get a view of Big Heart Falls. The best view is from the creek that drains Otter Lake (which has a waterfall of its own a ways upstream).

It takes an absolutely unbelievable waterfall to over-shadow Angeline Falls, but the waterfall between Big Heart and Delta Lakes might just do it. The creek splits in two as it leaves Big Heart Lake and begins a never ending series of drops all the way to Delta. The elevation difference between the two lakes is 1314' and virtually all of that is this waterfall. Big Heart Falls is truly one of the great waterfalls in the Northwest, and when you add in another 10/10 rated waterfall right next door, this is one of those spots where you simply must go. I recommend spending the night at the lake and really enjoying yourself instead of doing it all in one loooooong day like we did.