Jack-O-Lantern Falls

RATING - 19.0

VR - 1.0 (Tiny) HR - 3.0 SR - 16/20



LOCATION - Ross Lake Area

TYPE - Plunge

HEIGHT - 50'

WIDTH - 3'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east on Highway 20 and park at the Ross Dam Trailhead. About 5 miles past the dam you will cross this small creek on the first wooden bridge you encounter on the trail. The falls are just downstream and can be seen by scrambling down the north side of the canyon for about 50'

This small, but very pretty waterfall is located just downstream from the Ross Dam Trail. The creek constricts to about a foot wide and then plunges 50' into a dark, narrow grotto. Decent views are easy to attain by scrambling a few feet off the trail on the north side of the creek. Unfortunately a couple trees block a clear view but it's still a pretty little waterfall. It shouldn't be too difficult to scramble down to the lake (it's only about 100' down) and then rockhop upstream to a better view of the falls but I can't say for sure. I named the falls after nearby Pumpkin Mountain.