Bear Creek Meadows Falls

RATING - 11.9

VR - 1.8 (Sm) HR - 5.5 SR - 2/20



LOCATION - Baker Lake Road

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 250'

WIDTH - 10'

DIRECTIONS - There are a few places where this waterfall can be seen from Baker Lake Road but they are all quite distant. From the north side of the Upper Baker Dam, look southwest and (if you find the right spot) you can see the falls from about 6 miles away.

I am just putting this waterfall on the site to document it for now. The fleeting views I have seen so far are not very worthy. Getting an up close view of this one should be possible but will require a bike or hike of about 8 miles each way up a logging road, something I'm not willing to do at this point. It should also be possible to get a somewhat closer view from any of the number of old logging roads that head west off of Baker Lake Road near the county line.

This waterfall appears to drop somewhere in the vicinity of 250' at the headwaters of Bear Creek. At this point the stream is fueled by snowmelt and later in the summer dries out or comes very close. Obviously, a close view would cause the rating to go up substantially, but as is, this is only a footnote.