Detour Falls

RATING - 18.0

VR - 2.0 (Sm) HR - 2.0 SR - 14/20



LOCATION - Baker Lake Road

TYPE - Fan

HEIGHT - 32'

WIDTH - 15'

DIRECTIONS - Turn off Baker Lake Road onto FR 1106 which goes over the top of the dam. Follow the road up for a few miles until it crosses Anderson Creek (it should be the only creek with a bridge). You drove over another creek a short distance before that. Go back to that one. Follow it steeply downhill for a few hundred feet to the falls.

I found this small, but very pretty waterfall on my way to check out a couple of waterfalls on Anderson Creek itself. In route to those falls, I had to "detour" around the cliff band that forms this waterfall so I named it Detour Falls. It's not spectacular by any means, but it is very pretty and not horrifically difficult to get to. The two on Anderson Creek are much more hazardous to view.