Snoqualmie Falls

RATING - 82.0

VR - 10.0 (Huge) HR - 7.0 SR - 12/20



LOCATION - Snoqualmie Falls Area

TYPE - Curtain

HEIGHT - 268'

WIDTH - 90'

DIRECTIONS - Head east on I-90 and take Exit 25 (Snoqualmie Parkway). In a few miles, turn left at the T in the road. The falls will be reached short thereafter and are very well signed.

Snoqualmie Falls is the most famous waterfall in Washington and rivals only Multnomah Falls as the most popular in the Northwest. The Snoqualmie River dumps 268' into a huge amphitheater. The falls have been tapped for power so most of the time it appears as two side-by-side plunges. If you catch the river at high water level though, the falls are unbelievably powerful. All the commercialization around the falls is a little ugly, and the crowds are a big turnoff to me, but the falls itself are fantastic and a must-visit.