Big Devil Falls

RATING - 45.6

VR - 3.6 (Sm/M) HR - 11.0 SR - 6/20



LOCATION - Newhalem Area

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 1200'

WIDTH - 25'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east along Highway 20 through the town of Marblemount. In about 10 miles the falls should be clearly seen across the river high up the mountainside. There is a large pull out right across from Sky Creek that offers the best view.

Big Devil Falls occurs where an unnamed stream drops off the side of Big Devil Mountain in a very tall waterfall. From the road, good view can be had of the plunging waterfall about 150' tall. Below this, the creek cascades for another 50' or so.

It has always been suspected that the entire waterfall was much taller than this main drop and I was recently able to confirm this with a view of almost the entire waterfall from across the valley. The top of the falls occurs where two stream horsetail side-by-side, combining at the bottom into the creek. Below here, the creek cascades and slides to the top of the main plunging drop. Below there, the creek continues to drop down to at least 1200' in elevation and possibly all the way to the river. This added height makes this already nice waterfall that much better.