Snawes Falls

RATING - 40.0

VR - 4.0 (Sm/M) HR - 9.0 SR - 4/20



LOCATION - Shuksan Creek Valley

TYPE - Segmented

HEIGHT - 600'

WIDTH - 150'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east on HWY 20 and turn left onto the Baker Lake Road. Just past the bridge over Boulder Creek, turn left onto FR 1130. Follow this for a few miles, taking a right at the first fork and a left at the second. Eventually you will find Upper Morowitz Falls on the right. Continue driving up the road for another 1/4 mile or so until you get a view of Shuksan and the falls.

Snawes Falls is a pair of tall, lacy waterfalls that drops down the northwest side of Mt. Shuksan and eventually join Shuksan Creek. Below the convergence of these two streams, there is another waterfall that may be reachable on foot by following a very old Forest Service Road. I haven't attempted it yet though. That waterfall (Lower Snawes Falls) can be seen distantly from near Lake Ann for whatever that's worth.

"Snawes" is a Salish Indian word meaning "cloud". Mt. Shuksan is often covered with clouds in this area; so much so, in fact, that it took me 4 trips up the road before it was clear enough to actually see the falls.