Lower Sattler Falls

RATING - 18.0

VR - 2.0 (Sm) HR - 5.0 SR - 8/20



LOCATION - Happy Panther Trail

TYPE - Cascades

HEIGHT - 111'

WIDTH - 15'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east on Highway 20 past Ross Lake. Park at the East Bank Trailhead near Mile Post 138. Find the Happy Panther Trail located on the west end of the parking lot (it's a little tricky to find) and hike along the trail for about two miles to Berry Creek (second bridge). You can see the top of the falls from the bridge. Better views can be had by climbing off trail down the east side of the creek. It's not horribly steep and very open for the most part. It's a little tricky to get clear views of the individual sections.

Berry Creek contains three waterfalls along its course. Sattler Falls can be easily viewed from the highway and Upper Sattler Falls can be glimpsed from the highway or clearly seen via a difficult bushwhack. The lower of the three falls can be seen from the curiously named and rarely used Happy Panther Trail. The Trail runs from near Happy Creek to Panther Creek and parallels the highway the entire way. In fact, for much of the trail the cars on the highway can be easily heard driving past, which takes away from the enjoyment of the trail a bit.

Lower Sattler Falls consists of four small tiers that begin just downstream from the bridge over the creek. The upper two tiers can actually be seen from the trail. To get better views, a short, easy bushwhack is necessary down the side of the creek. The first tier consists of a 28' tall set of cascades immediately below the bridge. The creek then drops over a pretty 20' tall fan-shaped drop. The third tier is the prettiest when the creek splits in two and plunges 26' in side-by-side segments. The creek finishes with a 35' tall horsetailing drop before rolling into the Ruby Arm of Ross Lake. The area surrounding the waterfall is full of foot deep moss, making for a very pretty scene. Unfortunately, getting clear views involves climbing down some steep slopes to the creek. You can see the falls pretty well without much effort, but to get good pictures you'll have to work a bit.