Middle Wallace Falls

RATING - 74.0

VR - 8.0 (Big) HR - 7.0 SR - 18/20



LOCATION - Wallace Falls State Park

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 345'

WIDTH - 25'

DIRECTIONS - Drive east on Highway 2 from Monroe to the town of Gold Bar. Turn left in town where a sign points towards Wallace Falls State Park. Once in the park, hike the nicely graded trail for about 1.7 miles to the picnic shelter and a view of the falls or continue steeply for another .6 of a mile to the upper viewpoint.

Wallace Falls is one of the best falls in the state. It is located in the state park named for the falls. Visitors can follow a trail for a little over 2 miles to the viewpoint of the falls. The trails get pretty busy on weekends so you may encounter crowds along the way. The falls drop in two tiers of 265' and 60' with some cascades in between. In the spring and early summer the amount of water going over the falls is unbelievable, but later in the summer the river gets fairly small. Any time of year this makes for a worthy destination if you don't mind sharing your waterfall with other hikers.