Thirty Mile Falls

RATING - 34.0

VR - 3.6 (Sm) HR - 5.0 SR - 14/20



LOCATION - Methow River Area

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 115'

WIDTH - 10'

DIRECTIONS - From Winthrop, drive north on Chewuck River Road. Just before the road ends, look to the east and you should see the lower tier of the falls.

Thirty Mile Falls is one of several waterfalls located near the end of Chewuck River Road. The 43' tall lower tier of this one can be seen from the road. The taller upper tier requires a fairly difficult bushwhack to reach. An old trail ran close to the falls, but the trail was all but obliterated by recent wildfires and I'm not sure how much of the falls you could see from the trail anyway. The nice thing about the bushwhack is you get to see a ton of gorgeous desert wildflowers along the way so there are plenty of excuses to stop and take pictures when you get hot and tired . . . which you will.

My recommendation is to check out the lower tier from the road and not worry about the upper tier.

Lower tier from up close