Rock Gnome Falls

RATING - 19.0

VR - 1.0 (Tiny) HR - 3.0 SR - 16/20


DIFFICULTY - Fairly Easy

LOCATION - Heliotrope Ridge

TYPE - Plunge

HEIGHT - 50'

WIDTH - 5'

GPS - N48 47.886 W121 52.683


DIRECTIONS - Hike the Heliotrope Ridge Trail for about two miles. You will cross Kulshan Creek a little downstream from the falls. The trail will make a couple switchbacks with views of the waterfall from each of the next two corners.

This waterfall got its name from Bryan Swan because the rock on the left side of the falls reminded him of the Rock Gnome from Return to Oz . . . works for me. The creek the falls lie on is very small so don't come expecting a massive waterfall. It's a pretty spot though and since it will literally give you a shower on the way to several other falls it's worth checking out. I did notice on my latest trip that this creek appears to harbor a much, much taller water further upstream. This section can be spotted from near Kulshan Creek and is best viewed on the way back down the trail.