Twin Falls

RATING - 74.0

VR - 8.0 (Big) HR - 7.0 SR - 18/20


DIFFICULTY - Fairly Easy

LOCATION - Twin Falls State Park

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 230'

WIDTH - 40'

DIRECTIONS - Take Exit 34 off I-90 near North Bend and turn right. Follow the signs to Twin Falls State Park. If you cross the river, you missed it. The first glimpse of the falls occurs about 3/4 of a mile along the trail with closer views to be had in another 1/2 mile.

The main drop of Twin Falls is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful sections of falling water anywhere. The grace and beauty of the swooping drop are phenomenal. Above this 135' tall bottom tier are several more small tiers, bringing the total height of the falls to 230'. Some sources try to split the falls into several separate falls but I feel the tiers are close enough together to warrant counting it all as one falls. Bring the kids and take a picnic lunch with you and enjoy Twin Falls. It's one of the most popular hikes in the Seattle area for a reason.