Lower Cripple Creek Falls

RATING - 36.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 5.0 SR - 6/20



LOCATION - Middle Fork Trail

TYPE - Cascades

HEIGHT - 91'

WIDTH - 10'

DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Dingford Creek Falls. From the trailhead, take the trail on the right side heading down to the river. Cross on the beautiful bridge and take the right hand trail on the other side. Follow it for 1.25 miles to the bridge over Cripple Creek. From here you can see the lower section of the falls. Find an obscure trail on the right side of the creek. You can see the upper section from just off the trail in a couple hundred feet.

Just before Cripple Creek crosses the Middle Fork trail, it drops over this small, somewhat ugly waterfall. The falls begin with a sliding cascade before dropping over a cool 23' tall drop that is partially hidden behind a large rock. Immediately below this the creek drops 58' in a series of cascades that can be viewed from the bridge over the creek. The entire height of the falls is almost 100', but the two sections cannot be seen together. If you visit Cripple Creek, consider making the difficult, but highly rewarding journey to Tin Cup Joe Falls upstream.