McCoy Creek Falls

RATING - 40.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 4.0 SR - 16/20



LOCATION - Monroe Area

TYPE - Fan

HEIGHT - 65'

WIDTH - 20'

DIRECTIONS - Drive South out of Monroe along HWY 203. Just after the bridge over the Skykomish, turn left onto Ben Howard Road. In about 7 miles, you will pass Cedar Ponds Road. About a mile after this you should see a gated logging road heading uphill to the left. Park here and walk a half a mile up the road to where the falls can be heard on the left side of the road. Getting a clear view is pretty much impossible but the trees around the falls are so mossy they really don't hurt pictures much. Keep walking down the road another 50' or so and then head into the woods to see the upper tier of the falls.

McCoy Creek Falls is an extremely pretty waterfall. It begins with a block-shaped drop about 8-10' tall and around 40' wide. Below this it drops over a gorgeous fan shaped drop around 45' tall. There are a few smaller drops below this as well. The trees in the area are absolutely covered with thick moss, making this a gorgeous area. It's pretty easy to get a view from the top of the canyon, but climbing down to the bottom can be tough.

Unfortunately, the area around the falls has been used as a garbage dump. Moss and greenery has started to overtake the abandoned washing machines, car doors, etc., but be careful where you stick your hand when climbing around the slope. It's a good place to slice your hand on rusty metal.

Upper tier of McCoy Creek Falls