Chaplain Falls

RATING - 34.0

VR - 4.0 (Sm/M) HR - 4.0 SR - 18/20


DIFFICULTY - Fairly Difficult

LOCATION - Sultan River Basin

TYPE - Fan

HEIGHT - 73'

WIDTH - 50'

DIRECTIONS - Drive out Sultan Basin Road and turn left onto 116th St SE. After a couple miles, park at a sharp corner before a couple buildings and some sort of red and white tower. Start walking along the road and take a right just before the buildings. Follow this road for about a mile to a big clear cut on the left. Make your way through the clear cut to the edge of the river and then head upstream until you see the falls on the other side. It's not horribly dangerous, just tiring and time consuming.

Chaplain Falls is flat out gorgeous, dropping 73' directly into the Sultan River in a stunning fan-shaped drop. Large, mature trees surround the creek making for a beautiful location. Visiting Chaplain Falls is pretty easy other than the final climb down to the river.