Newhalem Falls

RATING - 13.4

VR - 0.9 (Tiny) HR - 6.0 SR - 8/20



LOCATION - Newhalem Area

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 150'

WIDTH - 5'

DIRECTIONS - Take HWY 20 east to the town of Newhalem. Turn right onto the main street by the store and follow the road around along the river. You should see the falls on the other side of the river just before you get to the suspension bridge.

Newhalem Falls is located in the town of Newhalem and drops right into the Skagit River from the opposite side. It can be seen from the little road that runs alongside the River, but the best views require a very short, very easy scramble down to the banks of the Skagit. This falls runs dry during the summer, but during the rainy season or during spring melt, it can be very nice. Bring the kids to see this falls and nearby Ladder Creek Falls on your way to Winthrop.