Doubtful Creek Falls

RATING - 60.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 8.0 SR - 12/20


DIFFICULTY - Fairly Difficult

LOCATION - Cascade Pass Trail

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 493'

WIDTH - 45'

DIRECTIONS - From the end of the Cascade River Road, hike up the Cascade Pass Trail. In 3.7 miles you will reach the pass. Continue on the main trail signed for Stehekin. In about two more miles you will reach Doubtful Creek and the falls will be extremely obvious.

Doubtful Creek is a fairly large creek that drains Doubtful Lake on the eastern side of Cascade Pass. A short distance downstream from the lake, the Cascade Pass Trail crosses the creek in the middle of this great waterfall. It make for a perfect location to take a break, get a snack, cool down, and refill your water bottle.

The waterfall stands a total of 493' in height. The section above the trail is 281' tall, although it doesn't look that high because of some serious foreshortening, and the section below the trail is another 212'. The upper section is a more straight forward series of small drops, while the lower section splits into several segments and cascades down the cliff. These two sections combined make this one of the better waterfalls in the North Cascades, although it's difficult to truly appreciate it. While the upper section is very clearly seen from the trail, you'll have to do a little bit of off-trail scrambling to see the lower stuff.

Lower Sections of Doubtful Creek Falls