Washington Falls

RATING - 23.2

VR - 1.8 (Sm) HR - 4.0 SR - 16/20



LOCATION - Finney Creek Road

TYPE - Fan

HEIGHT - 51'

WIDTH - 20'

DIRECTIONS - Take HWY 20 east to Concrete and turn right/south onto Concrete-Sauk Road. Stay on this for around 8 miles until you come to the obviously signed Finney Ck Road. The road crosses over Finney Creek at around 5 miles and then again at around 10 miles. Just after the second crossing, the road turns right. Don't stay on the main road, but take the left hand road instead. The first creek you cross is the one you're looking for. Park and walk upstream for around 300' until you reach the falls. This is more difficult in high water, but not too bad.

After spending hours pouring over topo maps of the region, I was convinced that there was a waterfall on a small, unnamed creek along Finney Creek Road. I was correct. Because I'm not real imaginative with naming these unnamed falls, I took the lazy way out and will start naming some of them after our presidents. This was the first one I found so it got George Washington. I thought the falls would be located a ways off the road, but it turned out they were very close. The main drop turns out to be a very pretty 51' tall segmented drop similar to a mini version of Feature Show Falls. At higher water levels, it becomes much less segmented and more fanlike. On my most recent visit, a tree has fallen right across the face of the falls, making it almost impossible to get a clear picture. Hopefully the creek will find a way to remove this tree from the equation.