Split Falls

RATING - 42.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 4.0 SR - 18/20


DIFFICULTY - Difficult

LOCATION - Baker Lake Road

TYPE - Segmented

HEIGHT - 67'

WIDTH - 25'

DIRECTIONS - No directions provided. Dangerous access.

Split Falls is a really pretty waterfall. I mean REALLY pretty. Unfortunately, I spent well over an hour trying to find a view I liked and I'm not sure I ever found it. It's not possible to get to the bottom without rappelling equipment, but if one could find their one into the canyon, I suspect the view from the bottom is pretty magical. From the edge of the canyon, it's still pretty great.

Anderson Creek drops a total of 67', the majority of which occurs on a very pretty segmented drop. Most of the water goes over the right segment in a curvy horsetail while a small portion drops over the left segment. It finishes in a beautiful pool before sliding out via a 12' tall cascade.