Triple Crown Falls

RATING - 13.6

VR - 0.9 (Tiny) HR - 4.0 SR - 10/20


DIFFICULTY - Difficult

LOCATION - Mosquito Lake Road

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 70'

WIDTH - 5'

GPS - N48 52.391 W122 04.110


DIRECTIONS - No directions provided. Dangerous access.

Triple Crown Falls lies on a tributary stream of Racehorse Creek (hence the clever name). From the Google Earth images, it looks like this falls can be pretty impressive in high water situations. On my visit to the falls, the creek was at a very low volume, but the falls were still pretty. The falls consist of a 20' horsetail, a 10' slide, and the 40' horsetail pictured here. Even with the low volume, the falls were very pretty and I can only imagine they'll be more so when the creek is really raging.