Diablo Falls

RATING - 41.2

VR - 3.6 (Sm/M) HR - 7.0 SR - 16/20


DIFFICULTY - Fairly Difficult

LOCATION - Coal Creek

TYPE - Horsetail

HEIGHT - 217'

WIDTH - 15'

DIRECTIONS - No directions provided. Dangerous access.

Diablo Falls is a big, bad, powerful waterfall located where the Devils Lake Fork of Coal Creek joins the main portion of the creek. The waterfall drops 217' in a nearly vertical drop. Because of some foreshortening and the closeness of the falls, it doesn't appear nearly as large in pictures as it does in person. There is a mess of debris around the bottom of the falls which detracts a little, but those can be fairly easily avoided for pictures. In addition, there is a small tributary stream on the right that also has a little cascading waterfall that can be seen from the same location.

In order to view this awesome waterfall, you'll have to climb down a very steep hill, but it's worth the effort if you can make it. If you happen to be walking along this old road, don't miss out on this great waterfall.