Pride Glacier Falls

RATING - 84.0

VR - 8.0 (Med)          HR - 8.0            SR - 20/20


DIFFICULTY - Very Difficult

LOCATION - Pride Basin

TYPE - Plunge

HEIGHT - 406'

WIDTH - 20'

DIRECTIONS - No directions provided.  Dangerous access.

The Pride Basin on the north side of Monte Cristo Peak is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and is home to a large collection of some amazing waterfalls.

Pride Glacier Falls is the best waterfall in the area and arguably the best waterfall along the entire Mountain Loop Highway.  The rather large volume creek that drains the Pride Glacier encounters a massive cliff at plunges 406' in a stupendous waterfall.  The free-falling portion alone stands 329' in height.  In addition, several smaller streams cascade down the cliffs on both sides of the falls and the massive, craggy rocks of Monte Cristo and Kyes Peaks tower above the entire scene.  What makes this waterfall even more amazing, potentially, is that the creek may be one continuous waterfall from the terminus of the glacier to the bottom of this drop, some 1200' below.  For now I will leave the height at 406' because the waterfall is amazing enough without the extra height.