Lower Kulshan Falls

RATING - 30.0

VR - 4.0 (Sm/M) HR - 3.0 SR - 18/20


DIFFICULTY - Difficult

LOCATION - Heliotrope Ridge

TYPE - Horsetail

HEIGHT - 70'

WIDTH - 15'

DIRECTIONS - Hike the Heliotrope Ridge Trail for about two miles to the crossing of Kulshan Creek. Follow the creek very steeply downstream for about 1/2 a mile to the falls. It's possible to save yourself some climbing by sort of cutting sideways through the woods and catching the trail closer to the car, but I don't think it really saves any time. The forest through there was kind of a mess.

Lower Kulshan Falls is a beautiful two-stepped drop located a short distance from the Heliotrope Ridge Trail. The creek tumbles 70' down a mossy cliff surrounded by mature forest. On my visit, I had absolutely horrendous lighting, but this is a gorgeous waterfall that would make a great photography subject with good lighting. I hope to go back sometime to find out for sure.