Lower Popahomy Falls

RATING - 16.0

VR - 6.0 (Med) HR - 2.0 SR - 4/20


DIFFICULTY - Extremely Difficult

LOCATION - Swift Creek Trail

TYPE - Horsetail

HEIGHT - 35'

WIDTH - 5'

GPS - N48 49' 39.53", W121 40' 09.29"


DIRECTIONS - No directions. Dangerous access.

The unofficially named Popahomy Creek contains at least four waterfalls. The lowest of the four is the most difficult to view. Here Popahomy Creek slides about 35' into a beautiful pool of water. The canyon above the falls is really impressive looking, adding a bit to the scene. It is probably possible with a tremendous amount of work to get to the base of this falls. If that were done on a nice, hot summer day, this would make a great place to cool down. From there it might be possible to climb above the falls to get a view of massive Popahomy Falls from the base, but this is all conjecture at this point since it's never been done.

I used to call this Lower Agathot Falls but I was recently able to confirm that it is Popahomy Creek and not Agathot Creek where the waterfall occurs.