Grouse Butte Falls

RATING - 26.0

VR - 2.0 (Sm) HR - 7.0 SR - 12/20


DIFFICULTY - Very Difficult

LOCATION - Grouse Butte Area

TYPE - Cascades

HEIGHT - 225'

WIDTH - 10'

GPS - N48 47.952 W121 56.101


DIRECTIONS - No directions provided. Dangerous access.

This waterfall occurs on a small stream that drains the general area around Grouse Butte. The falls begin with a steep horsetail around 45' tall (left). From there, the creek slides another 60' into a little pool of water. The creek continues along in this manner, sliding and cascading for a total of about 225' vertical feet over a run of about 500'. The stream is fairly small, but seems to run year round. As pretty as this waterfall is, it's probably not worth the trouble unless you're planning to visit Clearwater Falls.

Middle section of Grouse Butte Falls

Bottom half of the falls